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Love me as fucked up as i am

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I'm just seeking for some to walk around woth hang txt fb or sumthing. Put real woman in subject line or be deleted, be creative in response, one liners will noy be answered, we can exchange pictures after we email Your pic gets mine Love me as fucked up as i am if Ive determined your clean I'll eat that Kitty like you won't imagine hit me back with a pic and shit your into. My doctor said az smoking some blue will help with the pain, but because I am not 21 I can't just buy it myself.

Age: 27
Relationship Status: Divorced
Seeking: I Ready Real Sex Dating
City: Tampa, FL
Hair: Blond copper
Relation Type: Weekend Visitor Seeks Outdoor Playmate

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You have the power to change it. Stop moping about how shy you are or how lazy you are. Break out of your comfort zone.

Why You’re Still Fucking Your Ex – P.S. I Love You

Anyone worthwhile is hard to love, because they have high standards. Why are you being so hard on yourself? Before you focus on finding someone else to love you, you should really learn to love yourself. You need to get along with mr person you see in the mirror every morning. You know what that means?

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Holly is the author of Severe d: A Creepy Poetry Collection. You just have to show up and try. Focus on the most immediate thing in front of qm.

People not only kill and die for love, they write hit songs, make blockbuster movies, even nations go to war over it….

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This is a score as you go activity, so that you can figure out how the quiz is biased and cheat better later. You are suffering from Temporary Happiness and for the moment you are UnfuckedUp.

Love me as fucked up as i am I Am Wanting Real Dating

This will go away. In the meantime, get outside and enjoy yourself and stop taking this stupid fhcked quiz. Plain wrapper fucked up with no adjectives. Being Love me as fucked up as i am indicates you have reached Homeostatic Fuckedupness in which all the various things you are unhappy about have risen to satiety level and are busy cancelling each other out and you basically can't feel anything about anything one way or the other any more.

This happens when you are unhappy and in pain about your life but it's a little more than you can handle and so you are employing varying anesthetics that are clouding your mind ffucked leaving you very confused as to whether you are actually Fucked Up or not.

So I am here to introduce a little clarity and tell fuckee that are definitely qualify as Fucked Up.

This is when you still have the ability to recognize pain when you stumble across it but there is nothing so compellingly intense about it as to make you wake up and really do something interesting about it. Instead you kind of wishy-washy around things and won't commit to fuckev Fucked Up or UnfuckedUp.

This is a very popular if dull category. It's kind of unspecial and can lead to a semi-stressed yet unfulfilling regular life just like everyone else has.

Love me as fucked up as i am I Look Sex Date

Which may or may not be to your taste. Still, you are not such a priss that you run around pretending everything is fine and being some sort of happiness fascist.

So this qualifies you as being eligible to join the Fucked Up Club. Things are not so terrible that zm don't have some sense of humor left. You are in pain yet trying to keep things in perspective. You are a little hesitant, but you have some energy.

You are in very good shape to get even more Fucked Up soon. You are either Pretty Fucked Up or All Fucked Up depending on whether you are gucked fucked up or publicly fucked up respectively. You are in the middle of the Fucked Up Scale and therefore strangely closer to Temporary Happiness and getting UnfuckedUp than the other locations on the scale.

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Hopefully, you didn't just give this answer to try and get sympathy in which case you would be Helplessly and Hopelessly Fucked Up and a lot further from Fuckde Happiness. Either way you are Fucked Up. Not a silly strategy.

But we probably need to get you a little Unfuckedup before anything good can happen to you again. Congratulations on your Tense and Uptight Fuckedupness.

To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Too Fucked Up To Find Love | Thought Catalog

This is frequently a good sign because if you can hang with this, something good often happens and you will experience an incredible jolt of Relief Happiness when it does. Relief Happiness is really exciting. This is when your life sucks and you really need to grit your teeth until you can get out of it fuckd into a better one.

In this case, how Love me as fucked up as i am up you are is not really as important as just Horny ladies Santa Fe New Mexico A Way Out.

Don't worry about your score or ranking in this quiz, you are a honorary Member of the Fucked Up Fucksd just for being in this situation.

Love me as fucked up as i am I Looking Sex Date

This can be life-threatening and sometimes is. You're in the red zone of Fuckedupness and we need to get you out even if you are very zs tough about handling these situations. We need to quickly implement a two-pronged plan. A plan without prongs is just not very much fun.

Tupac Shakur - Wikiquote

Do not kill yourself or anyone else. Go so far as to ask for help if you have to but do not kill anyone.

You should be devoting some concentrated time and attention to getting UnfuckedUp as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Or at the very least reducing your total Fuckedupness score.

Love me as fucked up as i am I Wanting Sex Dating

And when you're not doing that you can always kill a little time here at prettyfedup. You certainly deserve some sort of a break. In many ways, you are in the worst shape of anyone here with the possible exception of Mr.

What this guy did to you is beyond fucked up and he should pay for it! I guess it is too much to ask that he see me for who I am, and not the poor homeless girl. love me? Fuck, this was the worst idea ever. Why did I listen to Garth, he doesn' t like Owen? Does he still want to be with me knowing how fucked up I am?. If you think you're too fucked up to find love, I'm sorry, but you're just plain wrong. I Think My Son's 'Imaginary Friend' Wants To Hurt Me.

J above who is about to blow a gasket. So many things in your life are Really Fucked Aa that you can't stand them and you are scared and terrified and you just can't fucking handle the stress and pain any more.

Love me and fuck me -

So you are dosing yourself with Optimism and Hope, which are indeed powerful and effective drugs, but misused they will slash and burn their way through your life, leaving nothing but ruins in their wake.

So be careful with these suckers.

If you are Really Fucked Up and feeling weak when you overdose on Hope and Optimism, you will have a tendency to Deny Reality and become and all dependent and helpless and start sucking the life out of everyone around you Sex on the side Cambridge Massachusetts feed your Really Fucked Up Illusions until, until If you are Really Fucked Up and feeling strong when you overdose on Hope and Optimism, then you will have a tendency to become a Happiness Fascist.

You will want to squash and grind the life out of everyone around you by enforcing Artificial Happiness and not letting anyone be the charmingly fucked up people they are and you will kill love and life and laughter and happiness and Nasty, nasty side effects.

If you are in pain and going to dose yourself with Hope and Optimism, which is certainly fucking understandable, be sure to follow the directions on the label.

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Take in moderate, realistic to slightly unrealistic daily doses for relief of pain caused by life. Always admit you are in pain before taking.

Do not take if you have a tendency to Love me as fucked up as i am reality or deny you are in pain as Hope and Optimism are themselves Denial Agents and the combined effects can lead to system shutdown and a complete lack of contact with Reality. You would be Fucked Up Enough to qualify for some major sympathy if you were actually living inside your life.

But your life is all fucked up and in so many ways that you aren't.