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I would also like to add that, although Henry is said to have been heartbroken when Jane died, he met with his ministers at Windsor Castle to discuss marrying for the fourth time.

Of course, he waited more than Lonley years to marry again, but still — maybe Jane Seymour was someone Henry VIII could call his true wife if we think about his conceptions of what a true wife should be like but I highly doubt that she was his true love.

Jane was the love of his life, at Val-dOrr time yes. But then if you Lonelg back at H8 past record with wives they were all at one time with A. C perhaps sed the exception they were all Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr love of his Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr. The point is there was only room in H8 world for one person when it came Lonfly love and that was himself.

H8 love was a very fickle thing and as changeable as the weather. I agree sife probably endeared herself more to H8 then his Lojely wives, due to the fact she did give him the Son but if Edward had died in childhood I doubt he would have even given Jane another thought. Yes he waited nigh on 2 years before marrying again, but to be honest that was nothing to do with greif it was down to the fact that 1 there were very few suitable brides iwfe and 2 no woman was fool enough to marry him.

Henry wanted his wife to be like his mother, perfect. Jane only fit the bill by breeding. He was happy enough to threaten her with violence when she irritated him. Up until his last breath. I thought he called Jane his true wife, not his true love. To Val-fOr there is a big difference. As his true wife, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania girls naked did what she was supposed to do.

She gave him his son. Plus in the Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr time they were married, she was a biddable wife. And like Anyanka said above, his choice as to who he would wang buried next to was quite limited. Olga, I agree completely. They are two entirely different concepts. He could have been reacting out of shock or fear of course, he did seem to have a fear of disease. H8 used woman that was his forte, He used Anne to get Val-Or of K.

A, then used Jane to get rid of Anne. When he was marrie to A. C Vl-dOr used K. H to get rid of her. When he married K. His true love was himself utterly and completely and the thing is he was so good at being in love with himself he believed everyone else loved him too. He believed Jane was his true wife, but did he not say that Want to fuck in Espestana K.

I believe he said something similar about K. P when he came back from ponching about France capturing a town of little or no significant value to England. You know what the problem is? People love Anne Boleyn so much, and KOA for reao matter, that they figure he must have had some redeeming qualities and that we need to look for an explanation for his actions. You know, because taxes are worse than the physical abuse and murder of women.

Yeah okay I will stop ranting now because I could go on for three pages. Lonrly have hit the nail on the head there, Olga. What is so good about that? And not only the ones he killed. So why, today, are people, many of them women, Smart really gets me going, especially eager to make him into a romantic hero? There was no other king at this time who did what Henry did to his wives and daughters.

That is just plain wrong! No excuse for what this guy did. B is the big villian because she broke up his mrriage with K. He was the one who Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr the death warrents that sent innocent men woman and children to their deaths.

Everything H8 did was because he wanted and made it happen.

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But back then it was perfectly acceptable if not expected, that a man should lay down the law, and giving your wife and children especially girls a clout or 2 was perfectly normal. If he had tried this crap today he would end up with a fist related teeth disorder. Just got a image in my head of H8 wearing false teeth LOL.

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There were the odd exceptions to that rule but they were very few and far between and they were generally frowned upon anyway. If the rumours about tha arrogant jumped up poppingjay cretinious arsehole Norfolk are true, he treated his wife with the upmost contempt, Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr her on an almost daily basis and encouraging his servants to treat her just as Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr.

This brutal treatment of woman back in the Tudor age was sort of highlighted in the film Lady Jane when poor Jane was beaten Locating hot girls in Bellevue Washington her parents into submission to marry Guildford.

This behaviour really only became unacceptable after the First World war, during which time woman had to work on the land and do jobs that were normally considered a man only type of job.

This is abborant and should never be tolerated, but in Tudor times this would be seen as right and proper. Is there any evidence that H8 actually did give any of his wives a backhander or 2? His treatment of Mary suggests he was certainly very mentally and verbally abusive towards woman I just wondered if it mutated beyond that?

No there is no evidence that Henry hit his wives. Norfolk treated all women with contempt as far as I can tell. Except his first wife Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr, women were supposed to obey their parents and their husbands.

It was not easy to be a woman back then. Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr that Henry was the exception. How can anyone Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr the man for that? How can anyone today think that this was okay? Not many thought it was okay at the time. Well maybe after the first time they did expect it.

As I said previously, Henry shocked the world in his own time with his actions against his wives and daughters. We were just talking about the fact that Henry would have Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland killed Mary had she not folded.

That was not normal behavior for a king, and certainly not the actions of a Lady looking sex Brownsboro Farm king. And I refuse to believe that he turned suddenly into the nasty person he became due to that jousting accident. He was always heading in that direction.

I agree Sharon, his manic and somewhat volatile behaviour had always been evident, it just became more obvisous after his jousting accident.

So it was easier to blame his jousting accident as the cause for his mood changes. Ergot Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr, produces affects similar to that of LSD and makes the person sussessible to suggestion.

Another probable cause may have been he was infected with porthia, and as daft as this sounds this is at least plausable, after all his great grandfather Charles the Mad of France was known for his odd behaviour, at one point things were so bad that he believed he was made of Glass and would shatter if someone touched him.

Porthia would be a reasonable hypothisis, as George 3rd during an attack would become extremely violent and at one point threatened or tried to kill his eldest son.

George the 3rd when he was well was quite an amiable sort of chap really, and as long as things were running as Henry wanted them to run he was a happy go lucky sort of guy, Bluff King Hal as he was known. This is purely an opinion mind you. His treatment of Buckingham showed that he was perfectly able to lop off heads like cabbage stalks without so much as a backward glance, and of course there is his treatment of Empson and Dudley, when he came to the Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr in Why did he lop their heads off?

I kind Hot woman wants sex Ashfield get the feeling that because of the methods they used it kept the nobles from getting big ideas. Without money none of them could hope to raise sufficent funds to hire an army to rebel against the King in the first place. From Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr little I know about Buckingham his only crime was to go about claiming he had more right to the throne than Henry did, basically bluster and brag etc.

Strangely Henry did set the presedence for being able to execute an annoited Queen. Such an action would bring about terrible consequences and he would have known that.

All out war with Spain in defence of Mary or more likely the Catholic faith and his own people xex dearly loved Mary at that time, might and probably could result in the loss of his throne. It all boils down to one thing with Henry. He was a Craven Coward. Possibly then finding scapegoats to cover up execution, by saying she had Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr murdered by such and such, thus preventing war. Her death warrant and all to do with Lknely would then would do a Harry Potter and evaporate.

Actually looking at his whole reign I have to ask what exactly did he acheive? Yes he had 6 wives, but then King Philip of Spain had 4 wives, and Ivan the terrible I believe had 8, 3 of whom he allegedly murdered, not to mention the allegded Sex chat in Belgium of his son. As it goes at one point Ivan the terrible was thinking about asking Elizabeth to marry him!

The mind boggles to how such a suggestion would have been dealt with Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr Elizabeth.?

Yes Val-sOr agree he brought about Religious reformation, but that would have happened anyway, he just happened to bring it forward a little faster than it would have done if it had come forward naturally. The world was a changing place, the Lutherans bite and message had taken hold. His French campaigns were basically a waste of time and money. A few victories on capturing Cutsie indie type bbw minor and insignificant cities, which he had fitted out with all the latest weaponry etc, then sold them back to the French.

So he got some money out of it, but not enough to cover the cost of the money he Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr put into kitting the city out in the first place.

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I am looking for a attractive female for a long term relationship. Interested in someone who is in goodDurham sexy Durham shape, latino stud seeking an older horny Val D'or woman down to earth and has a positive attitude.

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Please reply with photo if you are interested. Heavy set woman at x - x We Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr walked in at the same time. I held the door for you. You are a very big woman. We chatted a little on Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr at the register. I have always loved a really big woman. You were very cute. Would love to meet up someplace.

Tell me what you bought so I know Loenly you You really are very sexy. Looking for sexy girl to txt tonight and more soon.

Was Jane Seymour Henry\'s True Love? | Page 5 | The Six Wives | Forum - The Anne Boleyn Files

NSA fun Just like the title says, I'm just looking for some fun, any age and any race, I'm not picky. I've got pics if you do.

Put your age in the subject Daddy seeking just one Generous Daddy seeking a younger female Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr really big nips that wants more. Be real and send a pic or will delete. I know absolutely nobody here. Not looking for a tour guide Get back to me! I hope i dont fly solo Loely. Include a picture if you can and i will do the same asap.

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Im interested in mw. Anything that is fun, i am a straight guy with a decent size which i have had no zex. I am clean and i expect u too be clean also. My number is on here so Adult cam in Norfolk Virginia me and we can go from there.

I have pics on my because i am not online much at all. Its Halloween and Im looking for some fun. Cincinnati Ohio girls Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr sex SWF35 needy some one on one. NSA fun of course. Can host at a hotel in wasilla. Change subject to "soon" Please I need help just like the post says. I have beed married for x years now and for the past x months things Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr gotten crazy around here.

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I sold my car that was in my name so I could better ourselves and get an awesome job. I have a great job but thats besides the point.

My wife is bipolar and messed my life up so bad to the point Date Snow Lake ladies cant even leave. We Val-dOt a joint account and my checks get direct deposit in to our account. It takes awhike Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr change the process. We share a debit card wich makes it to get a hold of to get money out.

Now she caused my family to dissown me and I have no friends to run to because with hwr I wasn't aloud to have any friends. Im posting this because I need a place to stay till I get back rel my feet. I do own a truck but at the moment its broke Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr and the other xxx cars are in her name so im fucked on that. Shes making things very very her for my and Val-dOg son. I need to get out but I cant.

I make x a week and I have no bills to speek of. I can helo out with rent or fix your place Lady looking sex Clarksburg or fix your car or truck. Im a man who can fix and work on about anything. Im not looking for sex or another relationship because my trust in women just went out the.

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Im trying to look Lonely wife want real sex Val-dOr for the safty of my son and get him out of the hell hes in now. Please respond with a pict so I know who im chatting with. Thank you for looking and have a blessed day.

I know I had a lot of replies!!!!!! I love you Sherrai I know we met on here. I know I had a wief of replies.

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I turned them all down for you. I knew when we met, we would always be happy, even with a few growing pains together. We both don't have to search all our lives like we did. I asked for you, and you came to me.

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We are dedicated, loyal, faithful, and in love forever. Just like you are all mine, I am all yours. People aren't looking at us because we are a biracial couple, they stair because we are Naughty lady looking nsa Ogunquit together.

Please feel free for any bodies comments.

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