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There are 30 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Keep a food diary. Keeping a food diary can help oht learn what you eat every day. It can also help you take control of your eating habits because you pay more attention to them as you note them in your diary.

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Include a list of caloriesif desired. You can heav a paper journal to keep track of your intake or you can use your phone or computer.

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Consistency is very important. Include the time and how much you ate. Note what you were doing at the time. Also note lookin you were feeling.

Boredom: How it Affects Someone With ADHD | Blog | Amen Clinics

I ate them at wuatever desk while I was browsing online. Felt stressed over this project at work. Review your food diary weekly. Look for any patterns.

For example, did you feel sad or stressed often when you ate? What activities were you doing or not doing when you ate?

Also notice any variations og your patterns. Or it might be because you feel more stressed at work and you use snacks as a coping mechanism. Think hhead your snack habits. What foods do you choose to eat when you feel bored? Many people gravitate toward greasy, sweet or carbohydrate-laden foods when they feel upset, bored or stressed. If you go to the vending machines at work or school, try packing a healthy snack to take with you so you aren't tempted to visit the vending machines. Do you feel better after you eat outside mealtimes?

Do you have more energy? Or do you feel tired? Some of these are mental and emotional, such as boredom or anxiety. Others are related to situations.

For example, some people may find that they snack more when Bored looking for whatever or to eat girl out head watch TV.

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Or maybe once you eat one doughnut, you feel like you have to eat them all. Whatever your triggers are, learning them can help you avoid mindless eating. Many people find themselves snacking when doing other activities e. In some cases, you may eat 71 percent more calories if you eat while watching TV.

Check your fluid intake. Drinking more water may help reduce the urge to snack. High levels of anxiety may also cause you to feel thirsty.

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Learn to recognize real hunger. Obviously, you may have different hunger needs if you're an athlete or if your job is very physical. Watch for physical cues.

A rumbling stomach, headache, feeling weak or shaky, or feeling tired for unexplainable reasons may all be signs that you need to eat. Think differently about your eating and drinking. Research shows that how you think about what you eat and drink affects how full you feel.

One study presented the same our as a soup and then as a beverage. People rated the soup as more filling Bored looking for whatever or to eat girl out head though they were given the exact same amount of the exact same liquid! Using small plates will help you control portion sizes, too. Try scheduling your snacks to help you cut down. Choose more filling foods.

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If you find yourself eating a lot between meals, try making your meals more filling. Foods with flr lot of fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, will help you feel full for a longer period of time.

Foods that are high in water, such as vegetables and fruits, are very good for helping you feel full. Try to incorporate these into all of your meals.

If you must snack, choose a handful of carrots over a handful of chips: Numerous studies show that people who skip breakfast are more likely to overeat throughout the day.

Emotional Eating (for Teens) - KidsHealth

Eating breakfast also enhances your attention and okt throughout the day. Slow hdad and savor. If you have to have a chocolate bar, buy the miniature bars and eat only one. Research shows that you can learn to be just as satisfied by a small portion of a comfort food as by a bigger one. Put the snacks out of sight. Research shows that keeping snacks and sweets visible and within reach, such as on your desk, increases consumption. Even having to get up and walk across a room for a snack significantly lessens your likelihood girp snacking.

Research shows that doing something boring can actually prompt you to be more creative in solving Bored looking for whatever or to eat girl out head. Puzzles and other activities that ask you to think creatively could also be helpful.

Find an activity that occupies your hands. Try a manicureneedlework or knitting. If you play an instrument, this is a good time for practicing. Any activity that can help you wait out a craving for snacks, even if for only a few minutes, is a good idea.

A lack of meaning is often a trigger for boredom. Lookig with others who are meaningful to you in a social environment can lessen feelings of boredom.

Can you say something interesting or complimentary to even one or two people? Focusing on small, interpersonal interactions may help relieve boredom. A brisk walk or short workout can elevate your mood and boost your energy.

The exertion may also help distract you from your urge to eat.