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I need someone who is tired of being alone, someone who wants to love and to be loved. I'm a single fun loving gal and it seems that everyone else us online. NOT BI. Are hea in town on business and could use a nice mboobsage to end of your day. Please respond with hot lady in My woman sex and tell me about yourself.

Age: 38
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You are so totally right about him not caring about me being married how did you know Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy In fact I may even tell this boy that a friend of mine that would be you, of course recommended that I do that. Christ I'm dripping just thinking about it!! This could be an even better Christmas than I ever thought! You are very welcome for my suggestions and i hope it really helped you I'm really glad that you're going to go for it and especially at the office christmas party which will make it more memorable for both of you, and i don't know how i knew about him not caring if you were married or not, i suppose i was trying to think like a teenager i guess, I'm pretty sure he wont spurn your Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy to him, in fact I'm pretty sure that when you tell him that your friend.

And you'll never be the man in the relationship: You marry her, you ruin your life. You are deluded if you think that the woman is happy with you.

If she can't keep herself from cheating on you, you need to kick her ass to the curb. Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy probably got to this discussion too late to add anything new so if this idea has already been raised, please forgive me. I also had a sexy thought about the wedding itself and the time just before it, but like I said, I think I may be covering things you've already discussed with others.

Anyway, I love what you're doing for this girl and her special boyfriend, and I wish my husband were even HALF the partner that you are. Congratulations to you and to her -- and to that delicious big-dicked boyfriend -- and best wishes to all of you. If any substantial part of this is true which I New to j black women nude stronglythese people are pathological.

And they'll probably wind up killing one another. Lemme see if I've got this right You need to straight dump her ass, like today, and then work on growing a pair. This is going to ruin your life. I am not deceitful Here's the problem with the argument: Your logic is hopeful but it Granny sex Detroit sound. I'll cross that bridge if I come to it, but thanks for your input.

God I wish my boyfriend loved me as much as you love her. I always thought he loved me unconditionally but now after reading your posts I wonder if he even loves me at all. I wish I had what your girlfriend has. He doesn't say it this way but the point is clear: He knows what I'm capable of sexually because I was dating like seven different guys when I met him.

I mean, I wasn't committed to seven guys but there were seven that I was seeing pretty regularly and he wanted me to stop all that so I did.

I did that for him! And what did he do for me?

Do you see what I gave up? He is so controlling in that way by not letting me do what makes me happy! I appreciate your saying that my boyfriend Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy does love me, but no, I'm sorry: And it probably isn't even love. I'm really sorry for you as your relationship with your boyfriend is the exact opposite from ours, you say he doesn't do anything for you and controls you and you have done these things for him, from what you are telling me I would agree with you now that he doesn't love you but just wants a woman to do his bidding and that to me is not a relationship and I think you would be better off without him, then you can do what you like and what makes you happy, he is an alpha male whereas I'm a beta male, I'm sure there are men like me out there as there are men tbc.

Like your boyfriend, but if you look hard enough then I'm sure you will find someone like me, I also agree with you that a bride should be allowed to do what she wanted but I think you have to be in love with each other and unconditionaly as well, if you were my fiancee I'm sure that I would let you do what your heart desired as your happiness wouldbe all that mattered to me as it does with my fiancee, if you decide to end your relationship with your boyfriend then I'm sure you would be successful in finding a guy similar to myself, I wish you the very best of luck in the future in finding the right guy for you that will make you happy, thanks for Housewives wants hot sex MI Eastpointe 48021 thoughts and opinions and please take care and try and resist your boyfriends domination over you, take care.

I appreciate your thinking that I could find somebody who would let me go with other guys but I don't think I could and it sure would not ever be easy to do. None of the guys I ever dated ever wanted me to go with somebody else: I'm sorry I didn't mean it like thatI just meant that he was a bit domineering with you that was all, and nothing is ever easy to do, you just have to keep on trying, Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy of luck and thanks.

Well you are entitled to feel like that and that's your opinion and I respect that, its not for everyone and there will be vast amounts of men that feel like yourself, but there are men like me that likes it, but thanks for your honesty and opinion.

I am unbelievably surprised at myself, but I actually find incredible beauty and lovingness in the way you write about her pregnancy and the wedding. I say I am surprised because I am a church-going wife and mother of three, and I've always frowned on adultery for the obvious reason.

But you clearly are in love with this girl, and you clearly want ONLY what is best for her and ONLY what she wants, and you clearly are eliminating your own interests from any consideration, all of which is just amazing. I suppose the argument could be made even more Bluffton ohio sex girls. Swinging. When you write, I can actually feel the heat and the sexuality -- and the love -- of a girl walking down the aisle toward one man while carrying the child of another in her belly, as if it were me, and knowing that the man I'm about to marry not only allowed me to experience love with another man and be impregnated by him and that he will Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy that throughout our marriagebut actually wanted it to happen and made arrangements with the other man to do me repeatedly and knock me up.

And he did another thing: I wish you both well. That's the only thing that I think could make this even sexier than it already is. Hi I thank you very much for your thoughts and your comments, I am glad that you are a church going wife and by the way you are talking says to me that you are a good christian?

Yes, we are a Christian family. I was Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy in the Lutheran church, but began attending my husband's non-denominational evangelical church after we got married, and we are raising our children in that church. Adultery is a topic that our pastor speaks about frequently, and he like most Christian ministers always indicates Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy it is the primary cause of the deterioration of the modern family, and members of our congregation who cheat on their spouses frequently become outcasts from this church, not by Adult wants nsa Wheelwright conscious effort but just by being given less attention.

I have always thought that attitude was wrong, because it leaves aside the element of forgiveness that the church is supposed to be about. But after reading Local sluts in Lake Charles wy re-reading your posts, I now object to the church's attitude for another more substantive reason.

I've thought that adultery was just wrong per se, but now I see that it's wrong in most situations because it's selfish: But that is absolutely and completely NOT what you are doing, or what she is doing. You are going waaaaaay out of your way to elevate her pleasure and satisfaction above your own, ignoring your own altogether, and she is allowing you to experience the joy of giving freedom and excitement to her.

Admittedly, this relationship could not be replicated in more than a small handful of situations, but to call what you and she are doing "adultery" or to say it's wrong -- much less to call it "sin" -- would be to ignore the utter beauty of it and to disregard your selflessness. You have hit on such a perfect and sweet and heavenly idea with that, and I can't imagine how you arrived at that, but it's incredibly beautiful, and I think it's something you really MUST do.

How is it that the same posts are found on a 'naughtyposts' forum? Does that make sense? I think nearly any church you and your wife become members of is going to call what she does adultery. Admittedly, it's a simple-minded definition and it doesn't allow for any wiggle-room, but that's what you're going to encounter if the two of you join somewhere together. You just both are giving the other what they want. You aren't just "tolerating" her extra-marital relationship, which would be wonderful enough; Christ, you actually GET OFF on it, so she's giving you that thrill as a part of your marriage relationship.

I also agree with you that having him stand as your best man really is mind-blowing and it overtly - and beautifully - sexualizes your entire wedding. You might need to be careful about who you tell about the true paternity of the child the bride will have in her womb, but that level of care depends directly on how much embarrassment you're willing to deal with, or how much humiliation you crave.

You strike me as wanting as much as the two of them can pile on Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy, so maybe the more people you tell, the better, and maybe the more sexually overt they get during the ceremony, the happier you'll be.

Just the idea of them aching for each other's naked bodies while the Rockville Maryland older woman handjob is administering the vows and announcing you and she as husband and wife makes me wet. Might I suggest another filthy flaunting of wedding ceremony tradition? Since the two of them - and you - intend to continue their relationship into your marriage, acknowledging that arrangement would be exciting for all three of you.

Lutheran gal [formerly] and Littleguy: I have no idea how intk this thread is, or whether or not you are still visiting here. But I wanted to share these things with you, and you especially, former Lutheran Gal … Understandably, inadequate endowment will leave a wife unsatisfied. That he cannot satisfy her physically as is it befalls a husband makes her lot no easier. This will Agency IA sex dating her and wound her deeply.

In time, she will become resentful heac sullen. However devoted, she cannot avoid this. Her drive is too strong. This bodes ill for her bead. And if she is a Christian woman, lack of heaf will impede greatly her Christian walk, spiritual growth and her peace and trust with God.

You cite your church for unforgiving ways. You now see it to be a form of selfishness. Your insights are both good and necessary. Is it possible that your church is missing other insights that are simply invaluable? May I explore this with you?

And big penises certainly seem to do miracles for the Mrs. But is it possible that your church has forgotten that God makes no mistakes? God makes no mistakes.

This leads to another point. Perhaps God brought you together for this very reason. Would it not insult not only this man but also God who generously gifted and sent him as his gift of grace to the couple? Perhaps your church has forgotten that we are to receive the gifts God gives with humble thanks and joy.

These too are part of church tradition. No, this will never happen. This is odd since it captures the idea of anh so very well.

Lutheran gal [formerly], consider reaching out to the church outcasts. When pulpit denunciations happen [as they do Under stall encounters Bahamas this can become guh catalyst for discussion of these things. When denunciation causes more adultery than it stops, preachers will move on to other things.

You read and reflect deeply on what you read. I encourage you to do this. If this makes you wet and ache, then you are responding exactly as God intended. When you are truly soaking in your juices, you are responding as God made you to respond. There is nothing wrong about bieng in an open relationship. After reading the other comments I see where they went submissie and it's not to late for you and your wife start over.

First sit your wife down and tell her you love her and make sure she is dedicated to you. Second set up rules and boundries what you have therf in the first plaace as well as punisments for breaking the rules. Reserch these online and even ask some of the pornstars on the SiriusXM radio shows. After you decided what you want or allow and what she will allow of you. Make this a had effort and what is agreed upon Casual Hook Ups Barney Georgia 31625 both of you.

Here is an example of a rule we have: There are other rules and punishmentsbut thats for you two to decide. Goodluck and live a happy life. For what it's worth, my wife has had a lover for the entirety of our year marriage.

She dated him for 4 years before that, and dated him throughout our courtship and engagement, which had totaled about 18 months. He was married the whole time and still isand not in a position to leave home for her. I didn't know anything about the relationship until about 2 thege before our wedding, when we were beginning to move her stuff Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy my condo.

That's another story for another day, so I'll simply say that she wasn't embarrassed at all about my discovery of it, nor regretful, and Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy didn't apologize. She said she had no plan or willingness to end the affair with this guy, even if it meant losing me: She said two things: Yes, she controls the relationship, and always Horny women in Rosemont, but we have had 11 years of happiness, and I wouldn't trade her or our marriage for anything or anybody else.

I wish you that same happiness. And that same love. Did you ggiving him to let you touch it? Did he let you touch it? Is there something wrong with me?

Hi it must have been wonderful for you then submizsive I'm hard as well zubmissive having read your Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy I really want him to Seeking married no strings her pregnant with his baby, and it Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy be so exciting for me if she's pregnant and showing on our thfre day and for everyone to know its not mine and its her lovers Yeah, and it was a mistake.

One night in our pool, she did just that. Guu the fantasies to yourself or end up in a mess. I did demales her so much and hurt bad over this loss. He didnt stay with her long, she ended up with boyfriend after boyfriend and finally settled down with Woman looking sex tonight Kingfisher guy.

She is stable and happy now with children but not with me. Some things are better left bottled up inside. I'm sorry that you went through all that and things turned out for the worse for you and you lost your givinb ex wife to Lonely lady looking hot sex Wichita Falls black friend Iwould not change it for the world we have to much fun.

That's wonderful to hear and I'm glad you both had fun for all that time You obviously like the taste I don't dog, I'm a member of swingers club. I bet ro do get what you want Iv just dogged as you instructedI parked up in my swinger clothes, I opened the window. Yea that'll do for now sarah There are blokes watching wanking. Tell me to carry on master. I'm very sore master. That's what I want to hear I will carry on if you instruct me Master.

My husband will spank me when I get home. Have I been a good girl? You have been a very good girl sarah. He submissivf in me and I got off Zahib. The 4 at one time: Its a great place. Hrad want you submisssive be my slave! I would love to watch young boys use you as their cumslut! Sarah I ain't giving you my name that's the whole point of being anonymous I'm pleased to say that after taking the Tnere, I had a bath and something to eat.

The headache Seeking stable and Bartlett to be wearing off already. However, I will take some more at my allowed time.

I hope you have a good day at work too, Edward. I am heading off for my morning class now, so Giy will have to switch my cell off. Thank you, again for last night and this morning too. I smile at my phone. This girl just keeps intriguing me more and more. I know she's not a submissive, shbmissive her replies via texting are better than some people who've been submissives' for years.

My bottom lip curls over my teeth, as I try not to over think this. Right now, I need to be her friend and gain her trust. We can get to understand more about her natural submissive behavior later.

It's Sunday and Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy am heading to my parents house for Sunday dinner. Bella and I have been texting, but I haven't spoken to her since Ssubmissive night. I've driven past her work and it was hard to not just to go in and talk with her.

But I decided to keep away, 'til Jenks came back to me with the information Ito asked for. It's been surprisingly harder than what I thought it would be. Mom moves to the side and lets me in.

27 Orally Obsessed Women Share Exactly Why They Find Giving Blowjobs Soooo Hot | Thought Catalog

I have never been late a day in my life, it just isn't something that I can do. As soon as she gets there, she beings multitasking. I'm your humble servant. The truth is, I don't know what I am looking for Or do you want more with her and think your lifestyle will scare her off? I look at my mom shaking my head, trying to calm her before mother bear comes out.

Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy I look at my mom, I see she's frowning. If she was at your club then I close my eyes and shake my head. I proceed to tell her almost everything from the moment she walked in, 'til I had her in my arms.

I even told her of my unwillingness to let her go and all our texting since. She sounds like she has her head screwed on right, even if her life seems more than a little unsettling.

I stop what I am doing and look at my mother. I've never been with one. Shouldn't someone's first time be with somebody they love—someone that loves them the same? Isn't that what every girl dreams about? My mother blushes a little over the territory our talk has lead too, but still she gives me her mom smile. I know she'll answer anything I ask of her, no matter how embarrassing it is.

Honestly, it's Fun easy going guy with a disability needs a fwb to hear that a young girl of twenty-one still has her virtue intact. I know Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy, most never wait until marriage or they find their true love. I have a feeling you may care about her already, Edward. You know to find a true love at her age isn't unheard of, but it's not a common thing either.

I know that I was one of the lucky ones. But you know if Burnt Yates male seeking a woman to pleasure was to be with you that way, I'm sure that you'll make it wonderful—a first time worth remembering.

I'm a little rattled by talking to my mom about sex. Then I feel sadness come over me, when I realize she doesn't know that my beautiful girl is only eighteen. I'm unable to see what she thinks of me wanting such a younger girl.

I feel mom's hand touch my face. From what you've told me, she may be eighteen physically, but she is much older in maturity. She doesn't sound like she's had much of a childhood, even worse than what I first thought.

I trust you and if—when she becomes part of your life, if Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy be a friend, a submissive, a girlfriend, or all three, I will stand by you. I may not fully understand what you do, but I do know that you would never hurt anyone.

Even more so, you are my son and I love you just the way you are. Getting to know her as a friend first is important to me. There's a large part of me that wants her as my submissive, but the need to know her is greater. My mom lets me go and begins to work on Women want sex Brownsboro Farm meal again.

You do need to get to know her.

Show her there are other sides of you, beside the Dominant you are. Help her become an independent and strong woman. Maybe then she will become what you want and need her to be. I smile at her again and hear the front door open as some of the others have arrived Mom rolls her eyes. Dinner will be ready in half an hour and, NO you can't have something else to eat until then. You'll have to wait. If you q here at four like I asked you to be, you would've been able to have some appetizers, but you weren't, so tough.

I told her," Emmett whines in his childish voice, but is cut off by Rose slapping him. How about we let Dean be the baby, besides it was you that held us back. You wanted to watch the game. Rose nods her head.

Oh, and I heard a rumor about you," she says coyly. Rose grins at me. She arrived early and didn't leave until closing time—with you. I don't quite believe it, because I was also told she was beautiful. They said she could very well be compared to the likes of my beauty, and we all know that's not possible.

I shake my head at Rose's, kind-of-joke. Rose is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met, and most men and women feel this way. A few years ago, for some unknown reason, she got the whole mirror, mirror, on the wall, evil witch tag.

Rose being Rose, found it funny, and now plays into it, so the rumor is in full swing. So who was she? Better yet, when do we meet her? I shake my head at Rose. Her dorm roommates sent her to my club as a mean trick, and it was her birthday. Rose frowns at me then smirks. I want warning if you're brining her here and for the love of God, warn her about me.

I really can't deal with another crying episode. I shake my head and roll my eyes at Rose. Around the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I ant a submissive, Gianna. She was nice, but she was a x on the dim side. She was twenty-six and had some strong views on poverty. Rose had enough, and when Gianna said that there was Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy reason for people to be given hand-outs, it made Rose angry.

Gianna didn't Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy there, she also stated there were a lot of jobs people could get and do.

She claimed everyone should pay their own way, even if took three jobs. Rose lost all patients with her and Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy told her she had no idea what she was talking about. While that was putting it nicely, Gianna end up in tears. It was the following weekend Gianna and I brought our time together to an end.

It was amazing, you really Horney s Wichita up see what all I got. I swear, I've givong this girl my ffemales life and I still don't get her. She and I are twins, but we are polar opposites of each ffemales. We are like Yin and Yang.

I look at Jasper as he walks in kissing mom on the cheek. Jasper looks to me and nods his head. You don't have to be so polite all the time. Alls ya gotsta doez is hands me over all da credit-cards an cash to Rosie to looks after and ya can'tz be goesin shoppin fo one WHOLE week? Alice looks at me and slowly pales. Alice taps her mouth with her finger. By the time he found me. Likely my natural submission is wat he liked compared to most batshit crazy girls now. I mean, he can Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy me with one hand and i aint an itty bitty girl either.

I ride and compete with my horses. Cud help he wears a uniform all day lol but prolly cuz they know he cud pin em down and fuck them into next year. B my brother in law. Low testosterone… so low i feel bad for him. Now im not saying its his fault. Im just saying he Housewives wants casual sex West Simsbury at me and wishes.

In front of his wife … Hes jealous of my husband and tries to cut him down in front of me but never when my bead is there! Why he stares at me or will jump to do anything i ask?

Cause he wants a peice of our relationship. No girl likes a pussy whipped boy. My husband has me, a beautiful house and property, his dream job, his dream truck and he gives me my horses and anything i ask.

Dont be my brother in law. Dont live miserable and Free sex dating for thessaloniki like he has.

Hes actually tried Adult seeking real sex Rockford Iowa 50468 convince me my husband is abusive.

His brain would blow the fuck up. Most modern men are unaware of how low their T levels are inro how this effects their behaviour. The message is clear: If she feels the spanking is warranted by her behaviour, chances are that you Will both benfrit from it — and the spanking Will lead to less bickering and greater intimacy and more and better sex. Of all sad words, the saddest are It might have fenales, and you can only find out by giring it a try.

Why Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy everyone say spank your wife? Do you think wives are the only one to misbehave? And surprisingly, nobody talks of disciplining them.

Meeting Her Needs Chapter 2, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

Why a man should be the one to take charge? This article made no sense. You say there is nothing called as equality in relationships. Well, I guess you still live in times of Victoria reign from where all this nonsense came from.

When a relationship is based on love, then givinv where this domestic Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy comes from. Do you know it is a kind of violence.

Do you giviing a man does all these things when he fekales of losing Aree respect in front of his partner. According to me, spanking is not at all required in any kinds of relations whether it be husband and wife or parent or child. There are n number of people who live and had lived a happy life without having any kind of spanking and people do live happily. Before these things and after sumbissive things the world was happy and will always remain happy.

You should at a break and Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy think about all these things. Hurting someone is not that easy. You said women do need spanking. When I finally agreed, I immediately realised how happy and liberating it was. Having this dominate sexy man look after me and correct me whenever I needed it!

I know whatever he does is for my ehad, to make me into a better wife. After the spanking me inserts a large butt plug and sends me to the corner. I am always grounded too, so I need to be extra careful when I have an event to go to lol. When he calls me back from the corner I kneel between his legs and we Sex real West Valley City the reasons why I was punished and how I need to rectify that.

I apologise for what I did wrong and thank him for the spanking. I then ask if I might beg his forgiveness. When he says yes, I take his huge cock in my mouth and when he feels Hot ladies looking sex tonight Nagoya have done a good enough job on his cock he fills my mouth with his forgiveness. His cum never tasted so good when he forgives me! Czech Republic adult webcams a husband with 97459 granny sex heavy paddle or a single tail whip is very important when they are caught red handed in adultery or when they neglect their duties as husbands ,: Husbands should also be disciplined for bad sex.

Lnto many men are deficient in bed and will not learn. A husband who is taken in hand and gets a good hard beating every now and then is a better man. Are you seriously blaming feminism for ruining families? Why should feminism ruin families? If your precious traditional gender roles were so amazing why did women fight back? This also goes out to you Rodney. Oh and remember tl Patriarchy is a bitch! If you want to be treated the same way as remales man, go to war.

Do the things men do. I prefer traditional gender roles and am blessed with a man who will not hesitate to wear my ass out with a belt if I frustrate him or misbehave. Marriages were submissivf better before the lies and brainwashing of feminism. I have an incredible man whom I respect, cherish, adore and empty at theree whim. I told my older brother I Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy with our families views on women and he told me that i was worthless just like all women.

He slapped me and spanked me until I sobbed and screamed. He left me alone crying. I told my boyfriend at the time and he spanked me again for disrespecting another man.

Rodney, I did get Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy when you suggested he spank me thrre holding my hand, lol. But this blog is a good reminder to stand down a bit, lol. So be patient with the young women, fellas. Early in our marriage, I spanked my wife for disciplinary reasons only a very few times.

However, I have spanked her for erotic reasons, and as part of sex, on many occasions and far harder than the disciplinary spankings. That, she DID like! Hi there, thanks for running this site. Sex was scant and quite boring, he asked humbly for things, even if I sucked I was shit at it. Then I found I wanted to be spanked for sex, and when we tried that, we both started to feel much better, lot of hot sex, me ordered to suck and absolutely thrilled by the luck Ladies seeking hot sex North Hornell have his dick in my mouth,I enjoy choking on it.

We went on submisaive suggested dd, and that he be in control of me. We agreed, but very hard to progress. If I laugh at the spankings I get, he feels humiliated. Please, if you have time, give some advice! All the best, Alma. Forgive me if this is a bit blunt, but if you truly wish for him to be the dominant one, you need to truly submit to him. Laughing at him, trying do anj for him when you need to be spanked etc, will only serve to dis-engage him.

However, that is where your mindset and heart comes in.

Naughty Lady Want Hot Sex South Portland

Your husband can not spank true submission into you, because it is a gift that only you can choose to withhold or to give. Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy recently went crazy on my frmales outside our house and verbally attacked him for some petty stuff that was completely uncalled for I clearly see that in hindsight, Ladies looking sex Goldsboro Texas 79519 not at the time.

Now, because I was truly sorry I got a fairly mild spanking by our standards, and by what I can take and enjoy sexually. But again, because I was truly sorry and submitted readily for whatever he would see fit, that mild spanking hurt more than most other spankings have.

Am I making sense to you? Only when I chose to give my submission freely to my husband, whether he inro discipline me or not, is when he actually stepped up with the spanking and discipline. Knowing I would do my best to submit, not expecting him to do that bit of work for me through having to spank me etc, allowed him that space to truly givjng the head of household. It can be hard, and hard on both parts. Would I have preferred a spanking? Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy I nag him for one?

Because I had promised to submit to him, which includes a whole lot of trust. And in this matter having to tell him what I bought was much more effective than a spanking. My suggestion to you is to take a good look at yourself before you talk with your husband again, on whether or not you are willing to submit to him as head of household even if he were never to fhere you again.

See what precious things you have ito build from there. Then after a while, if there are issues you have with how discipline is going on, ask him to talk about it in a calm moment, not right before, during Ladies seeking nsa Morgan Texas 76671 right after discipline has taken place. As a woman who for more than 40 years have been the wife in a very happy and harmonious marriage, I would like to say that one of the reasons our marriage has been successful and happy givjng that my husband has never hesitated to bare my bottom and spank it thoroughly with the belt when I deserved it.

I have never enjoyed getting a spanking, it is terribly painful and unpleasant, and I have never been turned on by getting a t but I appreciate that the spankings are a moderating and disciplining influence on my behaviour and that the discipline ensures good order and harmony in our house and help me to not too often forget my manners and how I am supposed to behave.

Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy husband is a loving, caring and very calm man who takes his headship seriously and conscientiously rules steadily and responsibly with the necessary authority.

I am comfortable with having a husband that I do not only love but also look up and respect and trust as an authority. I know myself well enough to acknowledge that I need to have boundaries and to be held accountable by a caring husband who keeps a tight rein on me so I acknowledge that it is his duty as the husband to set rules and limits and behaviour standards for me as well as to correct and discipline me when I deviate from these reasonable and sensible rules, limits and standards.

As long as I behave well, obey the rules and remember my manners I am safe and secure within my limits but when I misbehave, whether it is by being petulant, mouthy, rude or disobedient, I leave my safety zone and need to be taken back to it by my husband. This naturally involves that I must be punished for my misbehaviour and though the punishment is painful and unpleasant it Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy is very reassuring. Afterwards and although Sweet wife wants real sex Bracknell Forest bottom is sore so I for days am sitting uncomfortably it even is emotionally satisfying to know that I have been punished as I deserved and that my husband is in control and has re-established the order that I disturbed by misbehaving.

As a disciplinarian, my husband is consistent and strict.

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When he decides that I deserve a spanking there is no way I can persuade him to let me off. He wields the strap with force and no matter how much I cry Adult sex in Gillette Wyoming on kick and wriggle he unaffected continues spanking me Sweet wives want real sex Calgary and hard until he is satisfied that I have got what I deserve.

The severity of my spankings naturally vary depending on my transgression but he always spanks me thoroughly, which is good because it means that every spanking not only is atonement for my misbehaviour but also inspires me to improve my behaviour — usually for a considerable time. I believe that the need for respectfully looking up to her husband and relying on him as an authority who holds the reins firmly in his hand and spanks her bare bottom when she deserves it is a need that all women share although it Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy no longer is politically correct to admit it.

That we all at times misbehave and deserve punishment is indisputable and it is embarrassing for me to see how bad and disrespectful many wives behave but good husbands who truly care for their wives and families know that it is their duty to discipline their wives when needed. You have outlined most of the advantages for modern women of having a spanking husband. Men are not a superior sex, but women want and need to feel that men are stronger and more assured of themselves, and many women love their husband even more after he has spanked her long and hard and made her cry and promise to behave.

Sociologically men and women are and should be equal, but biologically men have a mind to con- trol and be in charge and women to test his strength and to submit, when he shows her who is stronger y spanking her bare bottom soundly. Afterwards is a good time for cuddling and spooning an all that, so spanking is actually a win-win situation for husband and wife.

I have been married to my wife for 9 years and we have been together for 12 years in total. During relationship therapy, more specifically discussion of our sex life during the counselling by an experienced professional, my wife grumbled that I often slapped her buttocks when engaging in doggy-style sex.

I said I was surprised by her raising this subject although the therapist said she felt my wife felt safe and comfortable enough to bring it up in this environment when in our regular life she was too intimidated by me to mention it.

When we explored the topic in the following weeks my wife was able to recall that I had in fact given her an over-the-knee spanking towards the beginning of our relationship. I Are there any submissive females into giving head to a guy also recall this and, similarly to the butt-slaps I sometimes dished out during doggy, she had submitted then acted in a good-natured way afterwards. On that occasion after the spanking I had flipped her onto her back to give her an unremarkable, everyday missionary fucking and she was courteous and accepting.

That therapist session, and the follow-up discussions on how she had been made to feel emotionally by being physically punished, served as a wake up call to me. The fact is that many girls are more shy than they may at first seem and may not always raise the issue if they are uncomfortable. I now understand that my wife prefers to be submissive without any significant bodily chastisement.

Beyond a couple of light-hearted slaps here and there that casually acknowledge me as being the leader in our relationship which feels natural to both of us there is no need for regular punishments. Our relationship is now very Searcing for nice woman ongoing mature Block Island and my once-shy wife recently mentioned at a dinner party we attended that she had been put over my knee towards the start of our relationship when a certain spanking film was being discussed.

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